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Revolutionary Thinking. Relentless Customer Focus.

In 1999, Chris Loranger, a dairy farmer with a love for technology, was helping a Toronto drywall contractor with his computer. The contractor was angry about the fragmented industry and the failure of his software provider to address his needs. After a lengthy conversation, the contractor asked if Chris could build a custom drywall solution. Chris accepted the challenge, enlisted the help of his cousin, Jason Fraser, and Plexxis was born.

Chris and Jay quickly noticed that subcontractors had to rely on inefficient segregated systems and spreadsheets because no single software satisfied their needs. Chris and Jay looked to the best companies in the world, saw that almost all of them were moving towards single source models designed on Oracle Software.

They negotiated an agreement with Oracle, began creating the solution and recruited long-time friends, Jeni Mitchell and Chad Pearson to lead implementations and business development respectively.

Plexxis now has 50 dedicated team members and an elite client advisory group of top performing wall & ceiling contractors who help make Plexxis the most innovative company in the industry.

Our Mission

Plexxis Software’s mission is to design and deliver fully integrated, intuitive and responsive wall and ceiling management solutions, which give our clients a competitive edge through faster and more accurate information.

We are committed to industry leadership in innovation, best practice implementation, and customer support, shaping and leading the markets we serve.

We’re driven by passion and guided by our values – they’re at our core…


We proudly demonstrate our passion and determination. We’re positive about everything we do and inspire others to share our enthusiasm and optimistic attitude.

Relentless Drive

We never settle for “good enough” because “good” is the enemy of great. We never follow. We lead through relentless innovation and an unquenchable thirst to delight, surprise and exceed what is expected.

Open & Honest

We build strong, open relationships with all stakeholders – internal and external. We deport ourselves with integrity; maintain high ethical standards, communicate openly and act with honesty and trust in all interactions.


We accept personal accountability for accomplishing our business goals and delivering the highest levels of quality in everything we do.
The Plexxis Leadership Team

With a track record of solving wall & ceiling challenges for the most demanding contractors since 1999, the leadership team along with a staff of more than 50 professionals are pioneering the future of the trade.

Chris Loranger: Chief Executive Officer

Chris personifies a professional who has taken the “path less traveled”! Growing up on a dairy farm in northern Ontario, taught him the essence of hard work, dedication and core values – the same tools he’s used as a software engineering graduate, successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Plexxis. Chris couples a deep passion for technology and an extraordinary ability to connect to people at every level as a means to create niche software and make the “impossible”, “possible.

From colleagues, customers and partners: Chris is a visionary, workaholic, tech-junkie, movie buff, aspiring pool shark and adventurer who gets away with his amazing wife Tina every chance he gets.

Favorite quote: “Do or do not. There is no try”. Yoda

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Jason Fraser: Chief Information Officer

A Plexxis co-founder, Jason is the enigmatic architect and developer of the Plexxis software suite. Often described by his staff and colleagues as our own programming “savant”, Jason injects extraordinary clarity and innovation into every aspect of our solution. Leading a team of talented programmers and engineers, his deep understanding of our clients’ business and workflow processes, continues to drive the creation of ground-breaking solutions for the trade.

From colleagues, customers and partners: A die-hard Blue Jays fan, an eternal pessimist and a devoted husband and father. Jay finds peace when he escapes up north with the family, three very large (and equally lovable) dogs, leaving all technology behind.

Favorite quote: “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”.

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Subu Narayanan: Chief Financial Officer

With a Bachelors of Mathematics, a Masters of Accounting and CA/CPA from the prestigious University of Waterloo, Subu leads the Finance, Accounting and HR teams at Plexxis. An enormous credit to his understanding of all aspects of the Plexxis Financial modules, coupled with his easy-going, people-centric personality, Subu is often called upon to visit client sites and work directly with executives in deploying the Plexxis software. A highly valued member of the Plexxis executive team, Subu also makes a vital contribution to attracting, assessing and hiring the most highly skilled talent to join our team.

Who knew?: A world traveler, Subu can’t get enough of unique cultures and experiences. He is an exceptional mentor – considerate, kind and thoughtful. An accomplished expert in economics, finance and accounting, Subu understands and appreciates all things “quality” and enjoys the liveliness and excitement of living in the heart of the downtown Toronto core.

Favorite quote: “When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity”. John F. Kennedy

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Robin Schleien: Chief Strategy Officer

Robin has been sharing his knowledge and experience as our founding board member since 2005. He brings an extraordinary wealth of experience having worked as a top executive with such global companies as Canadian Pacific, Carlson Companies, Burger King International The Gemini Reservation System Group. Moving back to his home in Toronto in 2005, he took on the role as President/CEO of BioPed Franchising where he guided the company to 300% growth in units while creating the largest and most reputable lower limb health care franchise in the World. Today, Robin serves as the Chief Strategy Officer and executive coach, working with the entire team to help them perform far beyond expectations.

Who knew?: A huge movie buff, world traveler, lover of art, photography and fishing, Robin loves to gather his family and friends for dinners, vacations and celebrations… or whenever an opportunity arises to simply come together to enjoy and share life. He’ll drop whatever he’s doing to assist, advise, teach or just be there.

Favorite quote: “Work for a cause, not applause. Live life to express not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed. Just make your presence felt.”

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Jeni Mitchell: Director of Implementation & Support Services

At the heart of any successful software company, must lie a passion and understanding that no system is complete until it is effectively deployed and being used productively by the customer. As a professional who has dedicated her entire career in the wall & ceiling industry, Jeni has gained deep first-hand experience working with clients across North America and Europe. Leveraging her 15 years of experience, she leads and coaches a team of dedicated implementation & training experts who work on-site with clients to ensure delivery of maximum value. There are few individuals who possess Jeni’s knowledge and even fewer who can marshal colleagues with such passion and dedication to achieve extraordinary results for Plexxis clients.

Who knew?: A baseball fanatic, Jeni is an avid shutter bug, dog lover, mother and devoted wife. Give her an opportunity to camp out under the stars and she’s all over it (but she will still find a way to tie herself to her phone).

Favorite quote: “It’s always impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

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Chad Pearson: Director of Business Development

Chad possesses an uncommon spirit and “joie de vivre” that lights up an office and inspires the spirit of learning, exploring and winning. He personifies “personality”, lives to connect with people, loves competition, and has a true appreciation for candid conversation, fairness, integrity and forming long lasting relationships.

Who knew?: An adrenaline junkie, champion wrestler, MMA coach and former police officer who thrives on living on the edge. His wonderful wife Tania often claims that while Chad keeps her living, she keeps him alive.

Favorite quote: ”Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid broadside into a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming, ‘Wow! What a ride!”

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Eric Nguyen: Corporate Counsel

Eric graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2001 and was called to the Bar in 2002. An entrepreneur at heart, he opened his private law practice and shortly thereafter, was successful in securing Plexxis as one of his first clients. Witnessing (pun intended) the rapid growth and success of Plexxis and playing such a vital role in creating our administrative and legal foundations, Eric was naturally considered “part of the family” and was soon invited to join Plexxis as our full-time legal counsel. Since joining Plexxis, Eric has played a crucial role in launching our USA operations, growing our employee talent base, trademarking our brands and pursuing our SSAE certification.

Who knew?: An intriguing mixture of entrepreneur, spiritualist and dog lover, Eric always seems to find 4 leaf clovers which he gifts to those in need of a little extra luck in their life.

Favorite quote: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples”. Mother Teresa

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