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  • Plexxis mosaic mobile impressed us right from the start as there was next to no set up and little training required. For the first time ever, all our foremen and supervisors found a tool they wanted to use.

    Mosaic’s database automatically populates the app with every job’s codes, employee and budget information while the intuitive features make the solution simple and quick enough for the field. These are the main reasons mosaic mobile was embraced by our team.

    Having live material budgets in quantities, live labor budgets in man hours per cost code and the visibility of purchase orders, the foremen run jobs more effectively while eliminating costly ordering errors. Mosaic has also simplified payroll considerably as timecard completion is easily done on a daily basis in a way that prevents labor code errors and eliminates data entry at the office.

    We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in everything we do and mosaic mobile helps us achieve our mission by improving accuracy and saving countless hours.


    Karen T Wilson
    Smucker Company
  • Thanks to the Plexxis mosaic mobile app, our foremen have live actual hours used and current budgeted hours at their fingertips all broken down into
    manageable bites. There is no better way to run a job.
    In addition, we can now enter time cards once, in the field, with only current codes, eliminating costly data input and related errors in the office.
    This intuitive tool simplifies timecards for foreman, frees up payroll for important tasks, eliminates significant errors and provides visibility into live labor breakouts and other job information. It is an innovation that helps us on a daily basis, on every single job.

    Craig Daley
    President, Daley's Drywall & Taping
  • I am writing this letter in support of Plexxis Software for their outstanding work on mosaic mobile app. Their expertise and attention to detail is being noticed every day we use the app.

    There are several functions that the app has that saves Tarlton time and money. The timecard has saved countless hours of our field foreman. We no longer have the problem of not knowing the labor codes for a specific project. Plexxis has eliminated this problem by automatically showing the labor codes for that specific project.

    Prior to the foreman app we were lucky to have checks printed by Wednesday afternoon. Now that we have 20 foreman using the app we now have checks printed Tuesday morning. This has freed up our payroll department another day and a half for other tasks.

    The option for viewing PO’s has also helped in confirming that the quantities delivered are what was ordered. In the past, items were put on back order and neither the foreman or project managers were unaware. This is helped tremendously with the communication and coordination of the correct material needed.

    Overall I again want to say thank you to Plexxis for creating such an innovative, user friendly mobile app and cost saving tool.


    Steven Wilhite
    Chief Operations Officer, Tarlton & Son Inc.


    Steven Wilhite
    Chief Operations Officer, Tarlton & Son Inc.
  • Most important to us is exceeding our customer’s expectations. Part of our strategy is to maximize the time we can keep our eyes on the job while staying far ahead of administrative tasks. The most effective way to do this is to automate as many tasks as possible which is what Plexxis excels at.

    Kyle glines

    Kyle Glines
    Director of Operations - Northern California, Nevell Group Inc.